Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. The Great Poet

    1. The Daoist Healer

    1. The Female Adept

    1. The Technical Training

    1. The Mountain Man

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Leo Lok

Leo Lok (M.Ac.O.M), a native speaker of Chinese languages, is one of the rare clinician-scholars in the world who excels in researching and translating ancient Chinese medical literature into the English language. For the past seven years, as an avid contributor of the 6180-member-group: Scholars of Chinese Medicine on Facebook, Leo has helped research and answered more than two thousand questions on the historical development, interpretations and translations of Chinese medical topics for colleagues worldwide. His track record all these years has been well preserved in Scholars of Chinese Medicine for the world to examine. Anyone who is interested in following his digital footprints on these various topics is welcome to join the group.